Best fmcg company in india
Location: Ludhiana - Punjab
Date Posted: 06 Mayo
BONN is a quality-driven the Best FMCG Company in India. Which was founded way back in 1985 by the visionary Mr Manjit Singh. Since then has grown constantly. The Company’s corporate head office is based in Ludhiana. We produce a variety of food products including bread, biscuits, cakes as well as cookies. That is not only sold in India but also in the International markets too. In fact, Bonn is passionate about baking quality bread and biscuits. Also is a pioneer in starting production of cookies on an industrial scale in India. That’s the reason we are the Best FMCG Company in India.
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204/K-1, Jhabewal, Chandigarh Road, National Highway 95, Bholapur, Ludhiana, Punjab 141123., Ludhiana, Punjab
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